Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In order to properly introduce this blog, I feel I should explain the origin of the name. Back in my teens and early twenties, I had a close friend named Phil Hansford. We were in two bands together, Opposition and Sea of Deprivation. I made my first record with Phil and we did our first tour together. Anyway, Phil had a way of summing things up quite brilliantly. As anyone who knows me should be aware of, I am quite prone to rants on just about any subject. I honestly can't remember what I was even talking about on the particular day in question, but we were on our way to Sea of Dep practice and I was going off about something. Phil let out one of his understated, mischievous laughs that anyone who knew him will remember well, and looks at me and goes, "Tim, you are just a seething cauldron of hatred." It was a perfect statement that I'll never forget. So this page's title is a tribute to Phil. I'll be using this page to write about everything I love, music, food, beer, touring, hockey, pretty much whatever comes to mind. There will be stories, reviews, and yes, ranting. Lots of ranting.